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Welcome to Interpretation Canada: An Association for Heritage Interpretation

Every day across Canada, thousands of us share the stories of our land and its people with audiences who find that, through learning, a visit becomes a life experience. We enrich the experience of visitors to museums, historic sites, parks, nature centres, zoos, aquaria, botanical gardens, and a host of other heritage sites. We may be called guides, naturalists, communicators, educators, writers, planners, designers, managers-titles as diverse as the jobs we do—but our profession is heritage interpretation.

Canadian interpreters first gathered in 1973 to establish the organization that would become Interpretation Canada (IC). Since then, we have provided professional development activities, networking, publications and more to members in every part of Canada, and some to non-members as well. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the development of theory and practice in our field.

IC is a non-profit association managed by a volunteer national board. We have approximately 300 members across Canada who participate in many national activities. IC also has active sections in Saskatchewan and Alberta (Peaks and Prairies Section) and British Columbia (BC Section). IC has a long-standing focus on peer learning, with members sharing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm with other members in an informal and friendly way. Some training is also available depending on geographic location.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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